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Book Review: C.T. Wilcox “Transformation of the Republic”

Chuck Wilcox is this week’s guest on PID Radio. Do you think you know who killed Abraham Lincoln? Wilcox opens up a whole new can of worms concerning the Lincoln assassination. Don’t miss it!

“The Transformation of the Republic” by C. T. Wilcox

ISBN 0-9739570-0-X
Non-fiction. Final release length approx. 400 pp.
Highly Recommended (Rated 5 out of 5)

By SHARON K. GILBERT — Watcher Magazine
November 13, 2005

HISTORIANS and academics will soon be salivating over a cache of recently uncovered documents relating to the Abraham Lincoln assassination and its subsquent prosecutory fallout — a voluminous collection that could be called the ’smoking gun’ of the nineteenth century, untouched and unread and well-protected for nearly 150 years.

This heretofore unknown archive of material rests now in the capable hands of accomplished writer, C.T. Wilcox. Wilcox gained access to the remarkable papers via a friend, who himself received the documents after the rightful inheritor passed away.

In his newest book, “The Transformation of the Republic”, Wilcox presents a methodical inspection of these newly unearthed documents and compares them to historically accepted materials, making strong usage of excerpted passages and entire quotes to buttress his fundamental premise that Lincoln’s murder was ordered by a dark figure known as The Black Pope. Now, whether or not you lean toward the theory that much of the ruination of our world lies at the feet of the Jesuit order, Wilcox’s arguments must be considered deeply, for they are cogent if not profound. His theories lie askew to most Christians’ sleepy-eyed view of the world, and seldom does a contented sleeper welcome the rough jangle of dawn’s alarm. Wilcox will tell you that we’ve overslept, and that our slumber may well be our undoing. The root of evil that bled a president in retribution for sins against a monarchist master plan has sprouted a fully branched tree that now looms over our present republic, ready to crash down upon each slumbering citizen, making slaves of many, corpses of most. This is not a book for the timid reader, yet the timid are the most vulnerable.

"The Transformation of the Republic” contains 28 pages of images of the remarkable original documents that provide the foundation of Wilcox’s stunning arguments. And though most readers would shudder at the thought of slogging through an historical tome of 400 pages, the writing is easy to follow and tantalizingly presented. It is an astoundingly quick read - at odds with most historical non-fiction. In short, this one’s a page-turner.

Yet “Transformation” rises beyond the level of mere history, enriching and rewarding the reader with beautifully crafted visions of former days, calico dresses, and ghosts in tall, stovepipe hats, set amongst the intrigues of religious and racial bias that balanced the world upon the slender edge of a knife.

While the content of the newly revealed documents will spark many a future debate, Wilcox’s conclusions do not hinge solely upon these for strength. If you are weary of historical fiction or political thrillers, step into a world that truly terrifies, for it is all too real. The alarm bell is ringing. Don’t hit the snooze.

To Order The Transformation of the Republic Contact the author at:

Charles T. Wilcox


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The Transformation of the Republic by C T Wilcox (Rated 5 out of 5)

Transformation is well-sourced and the material on the letters of Charles Chiniquy (unseen in 120 years) is alone worth the price of the book. Wilcox connects many threads of the matrix of 19th century politics and violence that was instigated at the behest of the Black Pope, the Jesuit General. Not since Vatican Assassins have so many secret and unknown facets of the treachery of the perfidious Jesuits in American history been revealed. Wilcox's theory on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is the most seemless and elegant of them all. It would appear that the true perpetrators of this ‘one mad act’ have finally been exposed for their treachery. So many original and source documents have been reproduced within its pages that it will serve as a most valuable reference tool for future historians.

5 stars for such intrepid research!

Mark Owen

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Review; The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln C.T. Wilcox Veracity Ent. 375 pages

 Probably none other than former President Harry S. Truman—no stranger to inscrutability himself—said it best: “The only secret is the history you don’t know.”

And it is into this realm of the unknown and the secret where author Charles T. Wilcox sheds substantial light with his work Transformation of the Republic.

It has long been believed that the United States endeared herself to all the nations of the world because she successfully threw off the yolk of oppressive European monarchies—Great Britain, in particular—through her victory in the War for Independence. It has also been believed that the United States has enjoyed some sort of divine protection because she was a nation of Christians, predominately Protestant.

However, the research that Wilcox has done and conveyed to the reader throughout his book exposes those beliefs as myths. Wilcox is not one to speculate or engage in hyperbole. His writing is straightforward. He is also wise enough to understand that the facts of this story are capable of weaving one of the most interesting accounts in the annals of recorded—or, in this case, unrecorded—history.

Wilcox’s work is chiefly centered on and around the War Between the States, a more perilous time and one with more far-reaching consequences than most people—especially Americans—are aware. It was this very uncivil war—wholly instigated by several European royal families and the Vatican—which dealt a major blow to the American form of government. Some historians are more severe in their assessment of the war, considering it a death blow, one from which the nation never recovered in that the concept of states’ rights and limited Federal control fell by the wayside in post-Fourteenth Amendment America.

Wilcox goes even farther back in time to unearth evidence of the monarchies and the Vatican’s displeasure with the United States. It was in 1822, in Verona, that the nations belonging to the Holy Alliance signed on to a document entitled the Secret Treaty of Verona in which they pledged “to use all that their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in whatever county it may exist in Europe, and to prevent it being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.” With the War Between the States, the rulers of these and other European nations saw the opportunity to strike back at America, a country not yet a century old. For its part in conflict, the Vatican, which indignantly viewed America as an extension of the Protestant reformation, ordered the forced immigration of Romanist Irish to the industrialized northern states to one day swell the ranks of the Federal army for its struggle with the army of the Protestant Confederacy.

At the same time, the Vatican employed the Society of Jesus or Jesuit Order—which Pope Pius VII had brought back into the Vatican’s good graces only years before the gathering of the Holy Alliance at Verona—and the Knights of the Golden Circle to both instigate and prepare the North and South for future war.

 To add greater import to his documentation, Wilcox doesn’t rely solely on the works of other authors who have written about the provocateuring of both the Vatican and Jesuits throughout the last centuries. Going beyond the resources that other authors have marshaled, Wilcox utilizes two unique and compelling sources. One of them resulted from a stroke of good fortune: Wilcox happened upon mid-nineteenth century personal correspondences of Americans concerned about Romanist intrigues of the day. These letters (Wilcox has transcribed them from the handwritten letters that still exist) add a very real element to a danger which few even suspect today. Wilcox also includes images of nineteenth-century newspaper stories and editorials that not only add additional documentation to the body of his work, but also provide indisputable proof the Romanist threat was a critical political and spiritual issue in the minds of Americans.

 Not unlike a great deal of history, the story that Wilcox recounts does not have a happy ending, nor, in this case, a final resolution because, since the close of the Civil War, the Vatican and Jesuit power have only grown, their control only expanded, their covertness only deepened.

 In this book, a considerably beefed up version from the original work entitled Democracy Under Siege, Wilcox addresses today’s geopolitical issues and how the Vatican impacts them through its quest for a Second Holy Roman Empire, which many know by the name: New World Order. C.T. Wilcox is a regular guest on “Vyzygoth’s Grassy Knoll” Keith Hanson “Vyzygoth” Radio host of Vyzygoth’s Grassy Knoll St. Leo, Florida


Books on conspiracy are stacked as high as the Empire State Building but documentation on government involvement and underhanded phantom activity by the Power Elite are more rare than solid ice in the Gobi Desert. Charles Wilcox’s Transformation of the Republic offers everything a would-be researcher of shadow schemes and corruption at the highest levels would ever hope for.

Wilcox has done his work, and he not only provides facts of the inter-relatedness of the presidential assassinations, the Vatican and Jesuits, wars, Nazism, and much more, but he also includes illustrations and copies of articles supporting his thesis.

 This is much more than a historical recounting of the past condition of the world and its ongoing presence…it’s also a unique and powerful look into the future of where civilization is going and who is controlling us. The author’s insights are thought-provoking.

 This is a must read for anyone who wants to know what really lies below the surface of life and all its intricate layers. Gianni Hayes, Ph.D Author, Radio Host, Former Professor & Department chair


Chuck, your book was responsible for breaking me through the biggest wall of cognitive dissonance I've ever experienced in my life. I have had a couple other times in my life, where I ran up against a hard truth that didn't fit my previous worldview paradigm. But your book shattered so many of my previously held conceptions, moreso than anything else ever has, at least with such suddenness, and I thank you for that. 

I thought guys like you and Eric Phelps were "a half a sandwich short of a picnic." I realize now that that was just an emotional reaction on my part. When I actually did the research, the first big and crucial step to which was reading your "Transformation of the Republic," well, I felt like I was in that old campy movie "They Live", and I had just put the sunglasses on! I wish now that they had not made that movie so campy. Turns out, it wasn't that far out after all. Just replace the aliens with Papa Nero's black-robed bully boys, and that movie describes this world extraordinarily well. I believe now, wholeheartedly, that the stuff put forward in your book is dead-on accurate.

 Your book has incited me to embark on my own research quest. I am now reading authors like Avro Manhattan, Bill Hughes, Burke McCarty, and John Daniel. I now regularly read every article on websites like Phelps's and Daryl Eberhardt's. I have always been a history buff. I now see so much more of history--history makes so much more sense now. I recently read the book "Hitler's Pope" and though it exposed a lot of dirt on Pius XII, I am now able to see that the mainstream author, Cornwell, was hopelessly naive in merely painting Pius XII as Hitler's puppet---the whole thing makes sooooooo much more sense if you reverse the roles, and have Pius, or better yet, Ledochovski or Van Papen with his hand up Hitler's rectum, instead of the other way around.

Chuck, your book has got stuff in it that hasn't seen the light of day in, what, 120 years or so?  Man, those authentic, back-in-the-day newspaper articles just about floored me, and the old newspaper editorial cartoon.  What struck me as most awesome, most eerie, most foreboding, was the sudden realization that if the Jesuits can suppress all that news coverage, then they can rewrite whatever history they wanted, wherever, whenever.

I tell you, the other and even more permanent thought that struck me, that I still live with now everyday, and have ever since been attempting to alert my friends to, is this: The Inquisition never stopped. It merely went underground, got smarter, craftier. But the fact is, those pious monsters are still after us.

Thank you for waking me up to that, Chuck. Thank you, and Keith, who helped me master my cognitive dissonance long enough to read your wonderful book.



A really great read. As an atheist I am not anti religion and am convinced
the Vatican is behind world domination and I do not support the
suppression of liberty and freedom. Thank you for your contribution in
the struggle to save our nation our world our society. I look forward to
your next contribution on the subject matter.
Good Luck
Michael D. Antee
Founder and Head Chair
The Helpless Society
Dallas, Texas

I believe that your book is an absolute necessary read for people who are familiar or not so familiar with the behind the scenes activities that are going on. Your book is informative, and helps the researcher of truth have places, names of places and people to continue their research efforts. You are making a difference and I want to thank you personally for your efforts and your generosity, which is to be commended you could have been a lot less giving, but you know what the deal is and you're working and plugging away.....In other words read this book folks.
Matthew H Tartaglia Sgt (Ret) United States Search and Rescue Task Force

Dear Sir,

I for one am not surprised at the role of the Jesuits in fomenting conspiracy and even assassination in the US. I think a lot of people either forget the drive behind the Christian Conquest, with its universal agenda and its warriors of destiny, or, failing that, they are taught so successfully by the church never to have a history that they cannot contemplate a brotherhood of evil so personally kind, charming, and full of the desire to do good works.

Though not a Christian, I have only minimal difficulties with some of the values, which Christians as persons portray. Obvious, it is good to love one’s neighbor; it is instructive to love him as one love’s oneself and to be treated in a manner in which one expects to be treated. And even if we have accorded this very human and social and sensible belief to Christianity, it has nothing to do with what I understand the Church of Rome to be about.

The RC Church is, to my mind, more a political and business and military entity than anything else. And that it hides behind a universal personal-speak is beside the point of the real argument. The Vatican, since the third century, has been in the business of imperialism and empire building in this temporal world. When it speaks of a spiritual world, it merely disguises its political agenda.

When the Pope visited Ireland some years ago, the whole nation filed into so many sheep-pens, went down on their knees before the Pope Mobile and began to chant: He has the whole wide world, in his hands…. In his hands; He has the whole wide world in his hands.

Now, he didn’t come by the ‘whole wide world' in a day or a week, but rather since the time of Constantine, he has lined out his Militant and Mendicant Orders, the one to pummel to death all resistance in his way, and the other to beg, cajole and bribe, with world-wide wealth. Since becoming the State Church in Rome the Vatican learned how to subvert governments, bribe world leaders, and pressurize politicians, trade unions, and departments of justice, finance, foreign affairs and education. These ministries, coupled with monarchs where there are monarchs (Non-Reformation European Monarchs) and Presidents (like Franco, De Valera, Pinochet, etc where available), have delivered a worldwide agenda to the modern militancy of the Christian conquest.

The Vatican continued what began in Rome, despite the Reformation countries, and all countries were laid siege to. Perhaps one of the first to fall was Ireland. Here the Papacy frustrated the native Gaelic nation (now wiped from the face of the earth) by settling Ireland on the King of England, the stronger party at the time, and fomenting violence for some fifteen hundred years. At first the Pope used the Knights Templar to beat the Gaelic nation into a reservation, not unlike what happened to the Native American Indians, the Aztecs, and Incas later on. And since he couldn’t get the native Gaels to become good Catholics, he transplanted English, Norman French, and more recently Catholic Poles into the body politic to keep continuous control over a system that flatters itself it has an autonomous system of political parties. No matter what elections there are in Ireland, the Pope wins them all. And the same can be said about Croatia, Poland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Poland, East Timor etc., etc.

So, when it comes to the Americas, one is not surprised to find that the French, the Irish and the European Jesuits made a B-Line to convert the colony. They did the same in Australia and South America. How does one imagine the Philippines became so Catholic?

C.T. Wilcox’s book is a welcome addition to the gathering interest in real history. And fascinating as it is to read his account of the capture and Transformation of the Republic, one has to say that it is only one in a strong of universal captures, from Ireland to Vietnam and from Spain to East Timor. The weakness in the whole schema is that Christians get up on their high horses to bemoan the secret mechanisms by which their countries were captivated by Popery, while at the same time they admire the values of Christianity. Never would it cross their minds to think that what they get in the imperial world is precisely Christianity made real, that the Holocaust, like the treatment of the Cathars, the Albigensians, the Irish Pagans, and the East Timorese, is the direct result of Christianity pushed down everybody’s neck by the Vatican’s Jesuitical SS?

As Christians, their only outcry is not so much that Christianity intends to capture the world and police it, but that Popery is at the helm. Ronald Reagan and John Paul 11 served the anti-Communists and had now managed to lay waste the vast expanses of northern Europe, just as the Knights Templar of Pope and European Princes laid the Holy Land bare during the repeated crusades. The Christians never really admit that the enemy is the Christian personality itself made political under all the Christian Churches, but only more so under the Vatican. That Protestantism, a national religious paradigm, will sooner or later come into the universal embrace of the Papacy is beyond doubt. Protestants, after the initial Reformation of their nation states and their subsequent development of capitalism, became wets. The Papacy had its eye on what it had before the Reformation, and now it saw that what was lost in the Reformation could be retrieved, if the rest of the world, the universal message, was responsive generally to the Christian conquest. And this is what has happened.

Ecumenism, on the Pope’s terms, is a gift to the wet, dead, limited conquest envisaged by the Protestant Reformers. They can come back into the crusade by joining forces, burying the hatchet, and becoming once again the liege people of the Vatican. Meanwhile the JESUITS and, of course, OPUS DEI, and a legion of other legions, police the crusade across the world in a manner in which no country can compare.

Foremost amongst the nineteenth century captures was the US. It is only in this century that its full use and potential is being tried by the Vatican in the name of the Christian Conquest. When the Pope – an unelected Pharaoh – denounced Islam, he could not conceal the Christian animus of a thousand years. The Pope swears, of course, now that he has been found out, that it was an invitation to parley. Since when did the most undemocratic Pharaoh in the world ever summon anyone to parley? Because the Americans have the big gun, and because the big gun – in the Pope’s eyes – ought not to be given to any but Christians, the events in our lifetime is as C.T. Wilcox has described. Indeed, the US has presided over so many other Republics being harnessed to the Vatican.

The Job, I believe, is not just to educate Americans to who they are, and who really governs them and Europe and the world generally, but for thinking people to take time off to reflect. I believe they will come to only one immediate conclusion. The Vatican must be toppled over and destroyed. In the interests of world peace, the RC Church must be inquired into, its universal and national and local and parish role must be constantly scrutinized, revealed and challenged; its obsession with power and secrecy, with promotions and demotions, must be exposed and resisted, and its pulpits must be publicly challenged – not as an end in itself –but as a means to take back education, to take back the schools, from the most misguided empire in the world.

Seamus Breathnach


Former Director of Criminology,
College of Commerce,


"Transformation" is a well overdue exposé dealing the machinations of the most powerful religious-political organisation on the planet. With a sobering pen he unveils the stealthy and rapid inroads of the militia of the Pope. Documenting with chilling accuracy one of the most hideous crimes against an enlightened leader.
He also proves the attack was directed at the executive brand of the American government. Also there are remnants of  this scheme is still active today - to transform the American Republic into a papal and military state"
Pastor  Reggie Wright
Voice in the Wilderness Ministry.


                                        BOOK REVIEW                            February 26,2007

By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of "Tackling the Tough Topics" and "Examining the Tough Issues" Newsletters

Of the book The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behing the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by C.T. Wilcox

Canadian researcher, author and professional actor C.T. Wilcox has carefully and meticulously retraced the "footprinnts" of the conspirators involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Using court documents, witness testimonies and quotations by authors who wrote about the Lincoln assassination during the 19th century, Wilcox provides not only the names of the conspirators, but explains how they planned and orchestrated the assassination of one of America's most beloved presidents. Wilcox also reveals the men operating "behind the scenes" who supported the conspirators in their attempts to avoid the U.S. authorities searching for them. Unfortunately, for Papal Rome, Wilcox's detective work leads directly to its doors. Pope Pius IX, Rome's Jesuit Order, as well as the secretive Knights of the Golden Circle, are all shown to be involved in the intrigues surrounding the bloody American Civil War of 1861-65.

Wilcox devotes much of his book to exposing the involvement of onne of the top conspirators in the Lincoln assassination: a man named John Harrison Surratt. Surratt was the object of one of the greatest "manhunts" in U.S. history. Wilcox in great detail shows how Surratt was assisted by Roman Catholic priests who hid him in Canada, then helped him to escape to England, and then on to Papal Rome itself, where he became a member of the Pope's Pontifical Zouaves military units. Wilcox also deals in length with the civil trial of Surratt in Washington, D.C. (after he had been captured in Alexandria, Egypt), showing Roman Catholic Church support for Surratt during the trial. Leading in this assistance to Surratt was the infamous Jesuit Order, whose priests from Georgetown attended the civil trial of Surratt.

C.T. Wilcox indeed covers much more than just dates and famous personalities in this factual history concerning the assassination of Lincoln, and the immediate fallout (trials, executions, etc.) from that assassination. He delves deeply into the motives for carrying out this vile assassination and the reasons why Lincoln had to be eliminated. Just as important, Wilcox shows us that Papal Rome not only wanted Lincoln and several other presidents out of the way, but has a much larger agenda: destroying the American Constitutional Republic on its way to resuming its role as the leader of the world in both secular as well as religious affairs. Indeed, Wilcox's book is a vital link in exposing Rome's designs to head up a one-world government and a one-world religion.

C.T. Wilcox has written a must-read book for those wanting to come to a true understanding of the history surrounding America's Civil War of 1861-65 and the assassination of President Lincoln - a book that fills in many of the "missing gaps" from that historical era and one that would make one monster of a feature film.