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C. T. Wilcox

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Concession by John
Dobbs Ryscavage Interview
Engineer Corps of Hell
Vatican WWI
History of Protestantism - Wylie 1878
Jesuit Alumni
Lehmann: Behind the Dictators- Relationship of Nazi Fascism and Roman Catholicisim (1945)
No Friend of Democracy
Pope 1918
RCC and Nazis
Romanizing America
The Great Conspiracy John Logan
The DEEP STATE or Shadow Government
A Defence of the American Policy
Avaro Manhattan Vietnam - Why Did We Go
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
History of the Jesuits - Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines and Design by Nicolini
Origin of APA
Pike Morals and Dogma
Pilgrim Society
RW Thompson's Footprints of the Jesuits Chapter X Paraguay
Romanism, A Menace to the Nation by Jeremiah J. Crowley, Roman Catholic Priest for Twenty One Years
Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages
Simon Peter versus Simon the Socerer Dr E. L. Martin
The Jesuit Conspiracy - The Secret Plan of the Order
The Vatican in World Politics
The Vatican Billions Avro Manhattan
The Vaticans Holocaust by Avro Manhattan
The Two Babylons Alexander Hislop
Washington in the Lap of Rome
War is a Racket